Sunday, October 11, 2009

About Nicole

My love of photography was born out of my love for my son. As the Mom of a special needs child, I realized that life was precious and I wanted to capture those moments. At first, I was just haphazardly taking snap shots but even in those early days I remember my Dad making suggestions like “Get down on his level when you’re shooting, Nicole.”

Years later photography is now more than just a way for me to make memories last a lifetime. It's a passion, a love, a form of art, and a way for me to express myself and capture moments in time. 

While my son will always be my favorite subject, I love capturing others moments as well whether I’m capturing the love of a newly engaged couple, the excitement a pregnant mother feels while showing off her baby bump, or the innocence of children. Let me capture your moments and make them last a lifetime. 

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