Saturday, April 3, 2010

C and N Spring Shoot Preview

On Thursday, I met C and N (my close friends and family will recognize these two adorable kiddos) and their Mom in downtown Greer at a new(er) park near the City Hall their. I did a photo shoot there in October and love the location so when they were going to be near that location anyways I suggested the park. It was a beautiful, warm spring day and we got some awesome photos. I took a TON of photos and I still haven't finished editing them but here's a sampling of some of the images that are my faves thus far.

 I love how these two turned out and I couldn't decide which edit I liked better!
(I didn't do anything to the ground, it was just multi colored like that.)

 Love his personality!

Love her attitude!

She's a natural. 

And that's all I have had time to edit thus far!!!! 

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